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If the backend database is down, will emails still be sent for alarms in UIM via the emailgtw probe?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


If the backend (MSSQL/MySQL/Oracle) UIM database server is down for maintenance, will an alarm still hit NAS and its auto operator function to the email gateway function so that email notifications would go out?






Release : All

Component : UIM NAS


A: Yes - the NAS Auto-Operator functions do not rely on the availability of the backend UIM database.

Additional Information

Alarms which are destined for the backend database will be written to a file called nisqueue.db and re-inserted when the database becomes available.

The auto-operator thread runs independently of the nis_bridge (database) thread, so the Auto-Operators (including those which send to the emailgtw) will still function properly.