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TDM: Fast Data Maker FDM Default Transformation Maps Oracle Decode Not Working


Article ID: 145945


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


In Datamaker, the following transformations are defined:

(Project: StoreFront, Version: Release 1, Transformation map: Test Multi Decode)

However, the above transformations are not interpreted correctly in GT Subset. After building CTAS scripts, all of the square bracket expressions are replaced with the corresponding column names like this:

(A fragment of the main maskedinserts.sql script)



The issue being reported is that the GT Subset > Transformation Map works to create a masking script, however it adds the following line when using the Oracle decode function.
The highlighted line below, appears in all the tests. The line does not do anything, wh
ich yields the whole table not being masked.


As a workaround, the generated script will need to be modified,
i.e. the line has to be removed in order for the script to work.