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Some of the email alerts received from Nimsoft are 4 days old


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Emails received from email gateway are delayed
The length of the delay get progressively longer 
restarting the email gateway resolves for a short time but iss returns


Release : Any

Component : UIM - EMAILGTW


Email queue on hub was backed up
There are multiple recipients configured in the email gateway.
The email gateway needs to construct and send an email to each of these so for each alarm it has to send multiple emails.


We configured the group recipients option in the probe setup which allows the probe to send one email to all recipients which greatly reduces the time the probe spends on each alarm and thus it can keep pace with the queue

Setup-> General -> Group Recipients (Optional)
Group Recipients: sends a single group email to all the recipients in the group.
Default: Not selected