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Endevor UIDLOC and Userid what is stored and what is used


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A Userid can be up to 8 characters. If BATCHID=0 is specified in the C1DEFLTS it may not be a valid Userid. If UIDLOC is specified is the full Userid used(or jobname) stored? For example: If BATCHID=0 and UIDLOC=(1,7) are specified in the C1DEFLTS. If a jobname of //ENDEVOR1 is used to add a element. What would be stored in the MCF as the userid? What ID would be used to compare for things like locking id?



Release : all

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


The full Userid is always stored in the MCF.  The value of UIDLOC is used to compare the userid only.
So if BATCHID=0 was specified in the C1DEFLTS and the jobname of ENDEVOR1 is used to add a element. The userid ENDEVOR1 would be stored in the MCF. If a master display is done the "SIGNOUT ID" and the "USERID" would show ENDEVOR1.

If the C1DEFLTS has UIDLOC=(1,7). Then only the first 7 characters of the Userid would be used to compare for things like LOCKID and the like. If the C1DEFLTS was changed to UIDLOC=(1,8) then the full Userid (all 8 characters) would be used for the compare.