Migration of customizations from non-vAPP to vAPP
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Migration of customizations from non-vAPP to vAPP


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We are in the process of upgrading our Identity Manager from 12.6.8 to 14.3 with OVA.  As we have a lot of customized Java code and files located in different folders on our current IDM 12.6.8 standalone server.  As we’ve heard that the Identity Suite Virtual Appliance is very limited in the amount of customization that can be done.  Therefore, we would like to know how we can migrate the two help files we have as below into OVA:





vAPP trades some customization ability for ease of deployment, versus greater complexity and configuration in the standalone IDM version.

vAPP allows only specific types of customizations and custom file locations. These are listed in the documentation and in the screenshot below. You may need to modify your customizations so that your custom help files are called from one of the supported directories. If you are unable to rework your customized help to conform to the supported options you can submit an enhancement request for your use case.

See "Supported Custom Files" on the following page.