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The hub cfg file is getting updated again and again with wrong robot name


Article ID: 145922


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Observed that robot.cfg in the hub server is updating with different robot name and showing the robot as hub in IM. Because of this, all the robots are moved to secondary hub.


UIM Release : 9.20
hub: 9.20


hub.cfg updated with wrong robot name value


1. Observed that robot.cfg is modifying with normal robot name and showing the normal robot as hub in IM.
2. Stopped the nimsoft watcher service.
3. Modified hub.cfg with correct hub name (as it is pointed to different robot name).
4. Modified robotname parameter in robot.cfg to correct robot name
5. Moved hub.sds and robot.sds files from hub folder to backup folder
6. Started the nimsoft watcher service on both hub and other robot server.

Now you can see that the hub is reporting properly in IM.