I need an LDAP LDIF to Change Password, Remove Suspend and remove pswd-exp. I also need this for passphrase.


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I want to setup an LDAP request to change a user password, remove pswd-exp and laso remove suspend attribute

I also want this for passphrase.  


Component: GEN


LDAPMODIFY LDIF file input to change a passphrase and remove phraseexpired. 
dn: acf2UserPwphrase=userid,acf2lid=userid,acf2admingrp=lids,suffix 
changetype: modify 
replace: PasswordPhrase 
PasswordPhrase: apassphraseforme 

replace: ExpirePassphrase 
ExpirePassphrase: N 

LDAPMODIFY LDIF file input to change a password and remove pswd-exp and suspend 
dn: acf2lid=USERID,acf2admingrp=lids,suffix 
changetype: modify 
replace: userPassword 
UserPassword: NEWPASS 

replace: ExpirePassword 
ExpirePassword: N 

replace: SuspendedLid 
SuspendedLid: N


When changing a passphrase, you cannot remove SUSPEND from the logonid because the phrase and password are in different records.

You will need to run another ldapmodify request for the suspend..

dn: acf2lid=USERID,acf2admingrp=lids,suffix
changetype: modify
replace: SuspendedLid
SuspendedLid: N