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AWA: AS400 Agent fails U02000012 Connection to Server denied


Article ID: 145901


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When attempting to install or start an AS400 Agent, the Agent fails with the following:

20200218/181122.957 - U02000012 Connection to Server '' denied.
20200218/181122.957 -           3447 - A remote host did not respond within the timeout period. >Socket.cpp#net::Socket::connect(const InetAddress &) const:29<
20200218/181122.957 - U02000010 Connection to Server '' terminated.
20200218/181123.987 - U02000072 Connection to system 'AUTOMIC' initiated.


Release : 12.3

Component : Automation Engine


The Agent and Automation Engine are unable to connect to each other


Please make sure ports are open on both sides and the Agent can communicate. This is easily tested by attempting a telnet from the Agent to the Automation Engine

Additionally, make sure the ports referenced (in the above 2217) are the active CP ports for your Automation Engine.