Create a New UX Channel that filters on results in Classic PPM
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Create a New UX Channel that filters on results in Classic PPM


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Is it possible to add a filter criteria into a channel URL in New User Experience (UX) Blueprints? Example: Filter on the Task list for a project in Classic that includes filtering automatically on a having a specific custom attribute’s value set to Yes?


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It's not possible to update the URL in a Channel to filter directly on results, as Channels are Iframe, so you cannot pass any parameter like a dynamic link in channels. Channels will pull the functionality of Classic PPM into the New UX. The options to filter on results in Channels:

  1. Change the default value in the filter on the Classic side.
    • In the example above, this would be on the task list from the Object->Task->View->Task Filter Layout->Fields
    • Change the default value for “the field to yes (or make other desired changes). This would change the default task list filter in Classic as well
  2. Create a custom portlet on the dashboard page of the project that only filters on the specific tasks, then you can link the channels to that page instead
  3. Custom portlet outside of the project could also be used if the information doesn't have to be project-specific - then the custom portlet could be used in a Channel

Additional Information

See Create a Channel in the New UX that links to Classic PPM