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What is Flow State and how is it used? Flow State and the Team Board


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What is Flow State and how is it used in Rally?


CAUTION:  Flow State is project scoped and is meant to be used only on the Team Board.  Using other applications or boards to change flow state can cause the schedule state and flow state to become out of sync.  

Flow State is a Rally built-in field created for the Team Board for mapping Schedule States to team-specific columns.  Team Board is an easy to use and configure Kanban Board on a per team/project level.  Team Board only shows work from the current Team (Project).  See the Team Board documentation for more.

Because you can customize the Team Board on a per team (or per project) basis, Flow State will differ from team to team.  Because of the customization at team/project level, Flow State should not be used on a Kanban board or other mapping page.  The results would be inconsistent as teams/projects can have different flow state mappings.

For this reason, Flow State is meant to be used only on Team Board.