Is there a Batch Method to update the TPX Logo panel?
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Is there a Batch Method to update the TPX Logo panel?


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TPX - Session Management


Is there a batch method to change and update the Logo panel for a TPX session that is running?


Release : 5.4

Component : CA-TPX for OS/390


There is no batch method to change the LOGO panel (TEN0003 or TEN1003).  Before changing any panel, make a copy of the panel first.  Once the panel is changed a RELOAD can be done (RELOAD PANEL=TENxxxx) as documented below.  
Documentation:  Modifying a Panel
 You can modify the content, appearance, and other attributes of any CA TPX panel. 
Follow these steps:
  • Edit the panel definition using any editor.
  • Issue the RELOAD command from an operator session, or use the Reload and Display option from the System Administration Menu. Use the following information to locate a panel definition:
  • Help panel definitions reside in members with names beginning with HEN. Other types of panel definitions reside in members begin with TEN. (The H stands for Help, the T for CA TPX, and the EN for English.)
  • The name of the member containing a panel definition appears in the upper-right corner of the panel.