Performance tab not available for some Fortinet FortiOS model type
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Performance tab not available for some Fortinet FortiOS model type


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We have a number of Fortinet Firewall devices modeled in Spectrum. For some, the Performance tab is not available. For others, the tab is available but the CPU and Memory usage is 0%. How do we resolve these issues? 





Release : 10.4.x

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The Fortinet device may not be Certified within Spectrum, and therefore not all features and functions may be available on the model. The Performance metrics may not be pointed to the correct Attributes on the device. 


First, check if the Fortinet device is Certified:

1. For any non-certified devices, you can Self-Certify these using Device Certification utility

OneClick console menu: Tools > Utilities > Device Certification

- for any which get modeled as "GnSNMPDev" generic model type, make these recommended changes in Device Certification: 
- Note - the Device Type Name is relevant to the specific device model name being edited. 
- set Model Type Name to FortinetFortOS model type
- set Model Class to Firewall
- save the changes
- IMPORTANT - you MUST rediscover the device for this changes to take effect on the model type. A simple Reconfiguration here on changes to model type parameters will not suffice.

2. Once the device is modeled as "FortinetFortOS" then you must go to Attributes tab and verify the CPU and MEM attr is correct. Specifically, NRM_CPUUtilAttr to be 0x5b10088 - fgSysCpuUsage, NRM_MEMUtilAttr to be 0x5b10089 - fgSysMemUsage
- Once these have been set, then the model must be reconfigured: Right-Click > Reconfiguration > Reconfigure Model (a re-discovery it NOT required for this step)

Performance values should now be displayed: 

Additional Information

FORTINET-FORTIGATE-MIB: (fgSysCpuUsage) (fgSysMemUsage)  

More information on using Self-Certification to resolve modeling issues: