AWA: New ILM Partion is showing up in History
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AWA: New ILM Partion is showing up in History


Article ID: 145850


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After an ILM switchover, the active partition is showing up in history instead of as an active partition.




Provide the following results to support when opening a case - this will allow us to more quickly provide the queries to resolve:

1.) The PWP Log from the ILM partiton being activated.

2.) The results of the following SQL statements:
select * from USER_TAB_PARTITIONS -- make sure this is done for the correct schema owner.
select * from IPH
select * from UC_SYS
select * from ISTMT
select * from IDS
select * from ovw, oh where OH_Idnr=OVW_OH_Idnr and upper(dbms_lob.substr(oh_name,256,1))='UC_ILM_SETTINGS';