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Best practices on schema location for Clarity, DWH and Jaspersoft


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Currently Clarity (niku) and ppm_jaspersoft schemas are in one database server and the DWH (ppm_dwh) in another DB. Is this better for performance? 

Why should not all be moved into one database server?


Release : All Supported Clarity releases with Data Warehouse


  • You may or may not use the same database server for Clarity, Data Warehouse and Jaspersoft
  • The only reason not to would be to add yourself some CPU/database bandwidth
  • Keeping DWH separate can alleviate the load on the transaction database by directing the reports to be ran on a separate schema/database/tablespace etc. provided you have a significant report usage
  • If your server is big enough and you have an efficient maintenance schedule you should be not having any problems with keeping them all on the same database