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Application groups filter on Pending My Action


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CA Service Catalog


When looking at the list of requests on the "pending my action" screen, there is a filter of groups. However, not all groups are listed - is Catalog not picking some up?


Release : 17.2



Clicking on the logged-in user's name in the top-right will bring up the details. If all groups are listed in the group memberships section then they are correctly picked up. If, however, some are missing then this indicates the cache is too small in EEM.

To correct this, log in to the EEM Admin UI as EiamAdmin, then go to Configure > User Store > Group Configuration and increase the size of the group cache. This change does not require a restart of the application.

However, if the group is listed for the user, then this information is being retrieved correctly. The drop-down list of groups in the "Pending My Approval" page is a filter of the currently pending requests, not a list of all group memberships - if you are a member of a group that does not currently have pending approvals, it will not appear in the drop-down.