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Cannot add views based on specific technologies to dashboards in CAPM


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Cannot add views based on specific technologies to dashboards in CA Performance Management.

For example, Response Path Device Component Views are not shown as outlined in the guide.


The Data Source the Views are based on is not configured, or the technology the views are based on are not discovered, and View Suppression is enabled.


DX NetOps CAPM 20.2 or later


Unless you have the necessary data source added and/or the components using the technologies the views are based on, they would be hidden by view suppression.

To see the views, you can:

  1. Disable View Suppression.

  2. Check "Display suppressed views in the list" to see the views when configuring the dashboard.

  3. Add the Data Source and/or discover devices/components with the related technology.

Note that for 1 and 2, here would still be no way to populate the views if the Data Source/Technology is not configured.



Additional Information

Configuring View Suppression:

TechDocs : DX NetOps 21.2 CAPM : Customize your User Account Settings