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Attribute Change issue


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Governance CA Identity Portal CA Identity Suite


Issue: Customer wanted Aux Attributes changed.
Example: change Aux/sir attribute from bbtTimeKeeper to eaaTimeKeeper
Below done in Dev:
Process: Updated CA Dir Aux Schema, Dumped DSA, removed Directories and IME, Added PublicUser, PortalAdmin, imadmin back from LDIF Export made prior to dump.
Bounced vAPP, Directory and IME base reloaded from App recovery script at startup.
Updated Directory XML and IME import.
Portal connector failed startup. issues with mapped attributes changed in above steps. After removing forms/managed attributes and other Portal elements the connector still will not start. Can not delete the connector as it complains:
JTA transaction unexpectedly rolled back. Nested exception is javax.transaction.RollbackException: ARJUNA016504:Could not commit transaction.
The DELETE statemetn conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "FKb075wqag3u5ebylj60oorue4" The Conflict occurred in database "CA_IDENTITYPORTAL", table "dbo.usecase_systmes",column 'connector_id'.
Need assistance with recovery and proper flow to perform the change requested by the customer.


Release : 14.3



Attributes names needed to be changed and when that happened users had to be removed and recreated.

There are system users that are needed in order for the vApp to rebuild and one of those is the public user and the imadmin.

the portal connector uses IMadmin to make calls in for TEWS but the IME could not rebuild because we were missing the public user.

once the public user was created, the IME could rebuild and that allowed the IP connector to start and allowed for the screens in IP to be fixed and pointed to the renamed attributes.