CA View - Receive Panel Indicating "Page Index Error"
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CA View - Receive Panel Indicating "Page Index Error"


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When attempting to access some reports, the client receives panel error:  "Page Index Error".

Even after using the "LI" command, to load the indexes, the problem still exists.

Why is the page index not correct?



Release : 12.2

Component : CA View


The problem was with a report that was archived directly to tape.
This was the first time the client performed a test, where the page indexes were not first on disk.

The client rebuilt the index in question with the following SARBCH jobs:

. Load the report from tape to disk:
. . /LOAD GEN=09453 ID='xxxxxxxxxxxx' SEQ=nnnnn

. Index the report:
. . /INDEX GEN=09453 ID='xxxxxxxxxxxx' SEQ=nnnnn

When a report is first collected, the report and its indexes are to be on the database disk layer.

Once a report has had the indexes created for it, the logical view for that report can indicate that the report participates in cross-report indexing, which would then mean that in whatever fashion that report (of the same Sysout ID) is collected, indexes would be assigned to it.

When a report is then backed up to tape, it is backed up with its indexes.
When a report is expired from disk, its indexes expire from disk as well.