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Can my NFA Harvester and Console servers have multiple NIC's?


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


Can my NFA Harvester and/or Console servers have multiple network cards?


Release : 10.0



There are no known issues with having multiple NIC's on the NFA Console server.

If your harvester has multiple NIC's you may run into issues where the last flow time does not get updated for that Harvester and you are seeing interfaces not getting licensed.

In order to work around this, you can set the HarvesterIPAddress in the Harvester.parameter_descriptions table so that it matches the IP address of the Harvester that was added to the Admin->Harvesters page of NFA.

As long as this matches you should not run into any issues with having multiple NIC's on your Harvester.
To set this, first ensure you have the correct IP address of the Harvester that matches what you see in the Admin->Harvesters page of NFA and run the following on your Harvester:

     Mysql -P3308 -D harvester -t -e "update parameter_descriptions set defaultValue='x.x.x.x' where parameter='harvesterIPAddress';"

Then restart the CA NFA Harvester service.

**Note** if you enter the wrong IP address in the query above it could result in devices being created on Harvester IP addresses that you did not want, so make sure you have the correct Harvester and IP address before running the commands**

If you have many Windows Harvesters, please contact support as we have some scripts that can assist with automating this in most environments.

Additional Information

As noted above if you do not set the Harvester IP address you may not see your last flow timestamps updating and you may not see new interfaces getting licensed, and you may see the message below in your Pump log on your console server:

Check your <installdir>\reporter\logs\PumpLog20xx-xx-xx.log for either of 
these 2 possible errors:

     DataConverter: Processing 1498239000-x.x.x.x.flt 
     DataConverter-ReaperDC-line346: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

The workaround above was introduced as a patch on top of 9.3.8 and is included in all releases after that as noted in the KB article below: