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Clarity PPM 15.7 - New UX Team administration is now in its own workspace


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Clarity PPM SaaS


After upgrading to Clarity PPM 15.7 Team administration has been moved from the left-hand navigation menu under Administration -> Team, to the left-hand navigation menu under Resources.


Clarity PPM 15.7


As per the Clarity PPM 15.7 documentation Create and View Teams in the Resources Page the New UX Team administration is now in its own workspace. The new workspace to administer Teams is called “Resources” and the common grid component has been implemented.

This release includes the new Resources page with the standard grid layout for creating and viewing teams in the New User Experience. The new Resources grid supports familiar filters, sorting, column selection, settings, and saved views. Resource Managers and administrators can now create teams directly in the Clarity PPM New User Experience.

Upgrade Action: Prior to Clarity PPM 15.7, you could create teams in the Administration Page of the New User Experience. Administrators can grant a new Resource Management – Navigate access right (view-only license type) that allows users to click the new Resources page in the main menu. To learn more about creating teams, see New User Experience: Configure Teams on the Resources Page.

New Resources workspace access prerequisites. Ensure that you have the following access rights to use this feature:
Resource Management – Navigate  allows users access to the Resource management page in the New User Experience. The user will only be able to view information for teams to which they have access. Some other rights you may need to have are:
Team – Create
Team – Delete – All
Team – Edit - All
Team – View - All
For more information, see New User Experience: Team Access Rights in CA PPM Access Rights Reference.