rsync process not running on vertica
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rsync process not running on vertica


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rsync process is not running on vertica. This process is not running on all cluster servers.

[ ~]$ ps -ef | grep rsync

user   385807 385733  0 05:20 pts/0    00:00:00 grep rsync

[ ~]$ lsof -i :50000 -S

[ ~]$





Release : 3.x



rsync is used by Vertica for things like copy cluster and backups.
it is not a persistent daemon


There is no need for rsync to be always running for the proper operation of your Vertica data base.

As long as it starts when needed, there is no problem with the rsync process stopping when not needed.

Additional Information

NOTE: the script that calls rsync ( does not stop the process, so once invoked, it may remain running until next reboot.