"APM Health Metric" Management module alerts meaning
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"APM Health Metric" Management module alerts meaning


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


Need the description of the below alerts used in the "APM Health Metrics" Management Module


1) Database Edge Count
Based on metric:
(.*)\|Custom Metric Process \(Virtual\)\|(.*) \| Enterprise Manager\|ApplicationTriageMap\|Database:Edge Count

2) Average Process Time of Topolog Changes
Based on metric:
(.*)\|Custom Metric Process \(Virtual\)\|(.*) \| Enterprise Manager\|ApplicationTriageMap\|Ontology engine:Average Process Time \(ms\)


APM 10.7


1) Edge count:
Edge count is number of edges (calls between components on map) in the database. 
Similar to "(.*)\|Custom Metric Process \(Virtual\)\|(.*) \| Enterprise Manager\|ApplicationTriageMap\|Database:Vertex Count" which means number of components on the map including historical records. 
Solving spikes here is useless it just occupies disk space, the apm database pruning task should help the system delete any unnecessary information. 

For more information about Team Center map data settings, see



2) Ontology engine: Average Process Time (ms) means average time to process traces.
In case the engine is not able to process all traces, the below clamp metrics help you confirm this condition
(.*)\|Custom Metric Process \(Virtual\)\|(.*) \| Enterprise Manager\|ApplicationTriageMap\|Ontology engine\|Model Graphs Clamped
(.*)\|Custom Metric Process \(Virtual\)\|(.*) \| Enterprise Manager\|ApplicationTriageMap\|Ontology engine\|Status Changes to Database Clamped

The current thresholds in "APM Health Metric" Management module are the default values for common size customer. 
If you have has more powerful hardware and larger environment, adjust the default thresholds as needed to prevent invalid alerts