Not discovering all memory components in Palo Alto Firewalls
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Not discovering all memory components in Palo Alto Firewalls


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Performance Mangement only discovered one memory component when discovering our palo alto firewalls. The Vendor Cert that was used was the vendor provided 'Host Resources Storage' v1.1. In doing an snmpwalk of the hrStorage mib tables, there are 8 entries in that mib table, but performance management discovery only found the first one. This seems to be consistent across all of the palo alto firewalls we have, which includes 7000, 3060, 5000. 


Release : 3.6

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration




This is what we see in MIB tools

We only saw "Slot-0 Management Memory".

The backing vendor cert for is "Host Resources Storage". 

Here is the URL:


Here is the expression to capture memory:

<ExpressionGroup destCert="{}NormalizedMemoryInfo" name="hrNRMPhysicalMemoryDS">

The filter means the last octet of the value of storage type needs to be a 2 in order for us to discover it.  This is the OID for hrStorageType:

<Attribute name="hrStorageType" type="ObjectID">

Checking mibtools this is what we see:

Please note the first one on the list (instance 20) is the only one that has a value where the last octet is a 2.  This matches up with "Slot-0 Management Memory" from the first screenshot

.4 is for PartitionsInfo MF
.3 is for Virtual Memory MF

So in summary, "Slot-0 Management Memory" is the ONLY memory component you should be discovering.