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How to Download just the latest version of CA Endevor


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


Don't want a zip file with CA Common Services, CA CSM (Chorus), or DATACOM files. 


Release : 18.0, 18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


1)  Log on to the Broadcom Support Portal -
2)  Click on the Mainframe Support tile
3)  Click on the Product Download tile
4)  Enter Endevor in the Search box and click on Endevor
5)  Scroll down and look for CA Endevor MVS and select the version in the Release dropdown

6)  Click on the blue CA Endevor MVS link

7)  In the File column:

  • For 18.1 look for the entry with the CA Endevor Software Change Manager V18.1 0000 Media  DVD0000000001241.pax.Z file
  • For 18.0, look for the entry with CA Endevor Software Change Manager V18.0 0000 Media  DVD03154935E.pax.Z file

8)  Can add to Cart or use the Download or FTP options
- If added to Cart, click on the Cart button at the top in the black banner and Checkout

- The Download option will download the PAX file directly to your laptop

     Note:  the Download page does not indicate when the download has completed. 

- The FTP option will create an Order and take you to the Cart History page. 
     Click on the FTP icon on the right and then click on the blue  Learn More  link for instructions on how FTP and download the file


Additional Information

See  Download Methods and Locations  for information on how to FTP and download zip, PAX and solution files