How to Download just the latest version of Endevor
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How to Download just the latest version of Endevor


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Don't want a zip file with CA Common Services, CA CSM (Chorus), or DATACOM files. 


Release : 18.0, 18.1, 19.0

Component :  Endevor Software Change Manager


1)  Log on to the Broadcom Support Portal 
2)  Click My Downloads in the left menu
3)  Enter Endevor in the Search box and Click on Endevor
4)  Click the blue arrow to the right of Endevor MVS 
5)  Click the blue link of the version needed
6)  There are 2 product download packages available:
  • zOSMF  Portable Software Instances:   PSI
    • Look for the file :  ESCM.Vxxxx.ZOSMF.pax.Z  
  • SMP/E JCL  PAX  
    • Look for the file :  DVD000000xxxxxx.pax.Z   (for V18.x)
    • Look for the file:   Endevor_19.x.pax.Z (for V19.x)    

7)  Can add to Download Cart or use HTTPS Download or a Secure FTP Download option   

     - To add to Download Cart,  click the small box to the right

     - To download the file directly, click the cloud icon for HTTPS Download or the FTP icon for a Secure FTP Download

     - The FTP option will open a Secure FTP Download Instructions window



Additional Information

See  Download Methods and Locations  for information on how to FTP and download zip, PAX and solution files