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Is the Intertest CICS r 10 CAVHCONF options module compatible with Intertest CICS r 11?


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InterTest - CICS


Currently Intertest CICS r 10 is started on the LPAR at CAS9 time and the CAVHCONF r 10 module is load into system storage. Can the client migrate some of their CICS regions to Intertest r11 using the CAVHCONF module from release 10?



Component : CA InterTest for CICS


Yes. The CAVHCONF module which is currently being used with Intertest CICS r 10 is compatible with Intertest CICS r 11 CAVHCONF options module. The record layout of the CAVHCONF options module has not changed between release 10 and release 11.
You can have Intertest CICS r 10 started using the CAVHCONF from r 10 and you can migrated some of your CICS regions to Intertest release r 11.Once the migration from r 10 to r 11  has been completed you should start Intertest r 11 on the LPAR using the CAVHCONF from release 11.