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Applying CA Deliver PTF RO98193 8-CHARACTER USERID SUPPORT - What needs re-linking?


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What will need to be re-linked after applying CA Deliver PTF RO98193?


Component : CA Deliver


- Installation of PTF RO98193 in and of itself does not mean that you have to automatically relink the RMOATHTB table.

- However, what WOULD necessitate a relink of the RMOATHTB table, is a persons actual USERID being changed to an 8 character USERID. If a person's userid does change, then the RMOATHTB table would have to be modified to reflect their new USERID, and then re-linked. JCL to relink the table can be found in:

  your.hlq.CVDEJCL member BRNJATHT - (non SMP)
  your.CVDEJCL member BRNSATHT - (SMP Usermod)

- And because RO98193 is replacing the RMOUSTUX exit source (as well as 2 modules), if you DO have a custom RMOUSTUX exit in place, you would have to make your custom changes in the new RMOUSTUX exit source, and then re-link the exit. JCL to relink the exit can be found in:   

  your.hlq.CVDEJCL member BRNJUSTX - (non SMP)
  your.hlq.CVDEJCL member BRNSUSTX -  (SMP Usermod)    

- If your not sure if you have a custom RMOUSTUX exit in place, browse your Deliver load library and see what SIZE your RMOUSTUX module is. The size if the CA provided vanilla RMOUSTUX exit is as follows: 

Name             Size            TTR        AC   AM   RM
  RMOUSTUX  00000060   00017E   00    31    ANY

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