AWA 12.2.x, 12.3.x: How to rebuild search index (IndexCache folder)
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AWA 12.2.x, 12.3.x: How to rebuild search index (IndexCache folder)


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


AWA 12.2.x, 12.3.x:  How to rebuild search index (IndexCache folder)

We have a problem with the Search Index, could you please tell us how to solve this problem


Release : 12.2, 12.3

Component : Automation Engine




Note: As of v12.2, client subfolders were removed from indexCache folder and the folder that corresponds to the index for all of the clients was placed there instead (v12.2, v12.3 inside the indexCache folder). Once the JCP and JWP are stopped, you can remove the actual 12.2/12.3 subfolder, but do not delete indexCache folder. Then, at a startup of the JCP and JWP, the new 12.2 folder will be created and index will be rebuilt.

To Delete Search Index Files

  1. Stop the JWP and JCP services of the relevant client.

  2. Go to the folder in which the Automation Engine is installed, for example:

    • Windows: C:\AUTOMIC\<AE>\BIN\
    • UNIX: /automic/<AE>/bin/
  3. Open the indexCache folder.

    Inside the indexCache folder you will find subfolders that corresponds to the version of your Automation Engine (ex. 12.2, 12.3), this is the folder that contains the search index files.

  4. Delete the folder that contains the search index files. Do not delete the indexCache folder.

  5. After deleting the relevant search index folder, restart the JWP and JCP services. New folder will be created inside of the indexCache folder and the index will be rebuild.

If this does not properly recreate the index:

1. Install the JDK - Java Development Kit, the JRE alone would not be enough to generate a heap dump
2. Stop the JCP.
3. delete the existing cache
4. set trace on the JCP TCP/IP=2, DB=4, FT=1)
5. start jcp and wait for a while (10-15mins) so the processing stops
6. run a java heapdump on the jcp:

jmap -dump:live,format=b,file=heap.bin <PID>
where <PID> is the JCP PID

7. Please provide to support the jcp log/trace and heap.bin file.

Additional Information

Note the following: In version 12.3.2, the JCP is in charge of the indexcache rebuild, no longer the JWP. 

However, due to potential blocking problems that may affect the JCP, it has been decided to reassign this function back to the JWP. This will be done with a next AE versions (still to be determined).


Independently from the version, the first process that comes up, will be in charge of the rebuild, followers will assume their normal activity.

On a multi node system, the indexcache rebuild must be done simultaneously on each node.  

Additional Note:

In 12.3.3 - under the indexcache directory we list 12.5 (and not 12.3) -> this directory can be safely deleted.