Duplicate IP Addresses for trap processing in Spectrum
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Duplicate IP Addresses for trap processing in Spectrum


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I have multiple models that share a common ip address. Spectrum is configured for shared ip addresses for these models. Reference the "Shared IP Detection and Alarming" section of the Spectrum documentation. However, when a trap is received with the duplicate ip address, the trap is processed on all models that share this ip address.

Shared IP Detection and Alarming

How to configure Spectrum to process a trap received for a duplicate ip address on only one of the models with the duplicate ip address?


Release: 20.2


The deviceIPAddressList attribute id 0x12a53 contains a list of the ip addresses Spectrum knows about for the device. When Spectrum receives a trap, it checks the agent address of the trap and checks to see if a model has this ip address associated. Spectrum will process the trap on ALL models if finds that have this ip address.

Spectrum, by default, will check the device once per hour to verify the ip addresses configured and update the deviceIPAddressList attribute as needed. This update is controlled by the deviceIPAddressListPollInt attribute id 0x122d9 which is set to 1 (hour) by default. Setting the deviceIPAddressListPollInt attribute to zero "0" will stop this automatic update process.

So the first step is to tell Spectrum to NOT update the deviceIPAddressList attribute on the models you do not want to process the trap on by setting the value of the deviceIPAddressListPollInt attribute id 0x122d9 on the model to zero "0". This can be done on the individual model by doing the following:

1. Find and select the model

2. Click on the Attribute tab in the Component Detail panel

3. Find and select the deviceIPAddressListPollInt attribute id 0x122d9

4. Change the value to zero "0"

Then, to remove the common ip address from the deviceIPAddressListPollInt attribute of the models you do NOT want to have the trap processed on, use the Command Line Interface (CLI) "update" command. The following is an example of the command to run where <IP> is the common ip address to remove and <MH> is the Model Handle of the model:


./update mh=<MH> attr=0x12a53,iid=<Instance ID>,remove

./update mh=0x10135a3 attr=0x12a53,iid=4.xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.,remove

This will remove the ip address from the deviceIPAddressList attribute and prevent Spectrum from updating the values.

Additional Information

Reference the "Command Line Interface" section of the Spectrum documentation for more information on using CLI.