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IDMS: Does an ADDON install update the CUSTOM.LOADLIB(RHDCPINT) ?


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To perform an ADDON installation of CA IDMS Dictionary Migrator I updated the IDMS.V190.CAISAG.CONFIG(VARBLIST) to have FIRST#WI=YES and MV0ADDON=YES.  

Then I ran IDMS.V190.CAISAG.CONFIG(CAISAG) to generate the job control to perform the ADDON installation for the product, but it did not uncomment the CA IDMS Dictionary Migrator line in the IDMS.V190.CUSTOM.SRCLIB(RHDCPINT).

Shouldn't it have generated a new RHDCPINT with the line for the CA IDMS Dictionary Migrator product uncommented?



Release : 19.0

Component : CA ADS


Yes it should, unless the user did not specify 'YES' to Dictionary Migrator in the top section  IDMS.CAISAG.CONFIG(VARBLIST) member and only specified 'YES' to Dictionary Migrator in the Add-on section at the bottom of the VARBLIST member.

To perform an Add-On Install of Dictionary Migrator update the IDMS.CAISAG.CONFIG(VARBLIST) as follows:
(1). - Update IDMS.CAISAG.CONFIG(VARBLIST) member and specify 'YES', in top section, for all the original products as well as for the additional product.  * This ensures that the correct RHDCPINT module created

(2).  Update the product list in the Add-On section at the bottom of this member, specifying YES for the new product only.  
* This ensures that only databases for the new product are created/updated.   

(3). Specify  GJUPGRAD = NO        
 * This variable must be NO for an add-on.          '

(4). Change the value of the BEGINMEM variable to avoid overwriting your original configuration jobs.

For Example:
If you specify  BEGINMEM=DICM the members created for the Add-On install will be named  DICM01, DICM02, DICM03 etc.                       

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