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Getting Started with New UI/UX Access rights for groups


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Getting Started with New User Experience/UI/UX Access rights for groups in Clarity


Release : 15.6+



  1. There are a number of additional access rights required for the New User Experience, what you would define/add per group is dependent on your use cases based on role function. 


    • End Users may require only certain access rights including Project View/Navigate and Timesheet View/Navigate
    • Administrators may require all or some of the New UX Rights including admin specific rights such as Blueprint Access Rights

     2. New User Experience Access Rights contains a list of the types of access rights for the New User Experience as of 15.7.1.

    • For prior releases, not all will be available yet (Example, the last 3 access right sections on the list are not in 15.6). See the documentation for the specific access rights and the access right definitions. The below contains some highlights but not all access rights from the documentation.
  • New User Experience: Navigation Access Rights - Provides ability to navigate to certain modules within the New UX, but additional access is typically required to view the data within these sections
    • Administration - Access
    • Classic PPM - Navigate
      • Allows users and administrators to access the classic Clarity features from the New User Experience
    • Project Management - Navigate
      • Allows users to access the Project grid page and related project management pages in the New UX
    •  Project Management - Tiles Navigate
    •  Roadmap - Navigate
    •  Staffing - Navigate
    •  Timesheets - Navigate
    •  Tasks - Navigate  
    •  Custom Investment - Navigate
    •  Resource Management - Navigate
  • New User Experience: Blueprint Access Rights
  • New User Experience: Custom Investment Access Rights
  • New User Experience: Ideas
    •  Idea Management - Navigate
      • The PMO System Administrator Security group includes this access right. 
  • New User Experience: Task Access Rights
  • New User Experience: Task Assignment Access Rights
  • New User Experience: Team Access Rights
  • New User Experience: Staffing (Resource Management) Access Rights
  • New User Experience: Roadmap Access Rights
  • New User Experience: Custom Investments Access Rights
  • New User Experience: Hierarchies Access Rights
  • New User Experience: Menu Links Access Rights

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