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Is there a Notes Object in Clarity PPM > Studio > Objects?


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Clarity PPM SaaS


There is a Notes icon on the Task page and once we enter the text, we can't find where it is saved in Studio > Objects. How do we retrieve the data from Notes?


Clarity PPM Application


- In Clarity PPM Studio > Objects we do not have a Notes object.
- In the database we do have a notes table called PRNOTE.
- In this table we store notes create on tasks, timesheets, etc.
- The data gets stored in the PRNOTE table- this table stores data on notes, for more information on the table check TABLE_PRNOTE in the Clarity PPM database schema index on CA Broadcom Techdocs.
- When querying this table you can use the PRTABLENAME field and enter the table name you need.
For example, select * from PRNOTE where PRTABLENAME = 'PRTimeSheet'