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db_promote is giving error "Failed to execute the Database Export process"


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Getting error on executing db_promote command. Execute below command:

db_promote export -d "export abc123" -w "name = 'abc123'" -f "nr"

It returns below error:

"Data export started. It may take some time based on the amount of data. For more details, check the log files.
Invalid objects found in the input command:
Failed to execute the Database Export process. For more details, check the log at NX_ROOT/log/dbpromote.log.
SLUMP died!!! Aborting the process."


Release : 17.1



This is a known error and has been reviewed under Defect id - DE42929 and updated that "this is only a error message, but no impact on the functionality".

So this message can be ignored and proceed ahead with db_promote.

Additional Information

Go to Administration tab -> System -> Data Export
From here you can import/export as well. Also can verify the history even if performed from command line under Data Export/Import History List.