How to get totals/sum from subobject attribute into project list view
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How to get totals/sum from subobject attribute into project list view


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  • Is there a way to get the totals from a sub object attribute into the project list view?
  • Example:
    • We have a field called Amount in a custom sub object that gives a total amount for each commitment request on the project
    • We'd like to get the total amount of all commitments on the project to show on the project list view to match what we see in our report generated at the project level. 


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  • Create a custom aggregated attribute on the project object with a Function of Sum with Sub Object of Commitments (or your out of the box / custom sub object the value should be pulled from.
  • Here are the steps on how to do this:
1. Go to the Attributes tab on the Project object and click New
2. Enter required information
3. Select 'Data Type' of Aggregated (Result Data Type can be left as 'Number')
3. Click Save
4. Click on the '[Build Aggregate Calculated Attribute]' link that now appears next to the field 'Calculation'
5. Select AGG_Sum as the Function
6. Select Commitments for Sub Object
7. Select Attribute: Amount
8. Click Generate (this will add the aggregation formula to the Expression section)
9. Click Validate to make sure the values in the aggregation are set correctly
10. Click 'Save and Return'

  • Then, to add this new field to a project list page for one user, go to Home-Projects and add Commitments to the project list view