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Compare 2E models


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Compare 2E models for differences


We took a copy of a model and made the changes there so that it can quickly go into producction.  

Now we have to redo those changes in the original model.  

Is there a way I can compare the 2 models that can help me identity what type of objects 

(functions, fields, entities, etc) were created or modify?


ibm iseries


the CA 2E Administration Guide

The YCPYMDLOBJ command includes a prepass option that lets you compare objects by 

name within object type. 

A prepass report generates with diagnostic messages that indicate discrepancies.


Other than YCMPMDLOBJ 

You would have to use the YDOC... commands and compare the results 

YGO *Y2 then option 54 to all the documentation commands such as YDOCMDLREL etc.