Notifications start after the Event is raised in Performance Management
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Notifications start after the Event is raised in Performance Management


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Notifications arrive to the user after the related Event is raised in Performance Management.


Release : 3.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


This is at this time a by-product of the varied start time of the Data Aggregator.

When it is first started, after it completes the load of database information, it performs it's first post-restart Threshold Evaluation cycle per active Event Rules. It then sets it's schedule to run new Threshold Evaluation cycles every five minutes thereafter.

At the same time the polling cycles for devices continues every five minutes for standard poll cycles. When the DA restart schedules the Threshold Evaluations won't be in line with the data points being returned during polling that are pending evaluation.

Due to this start time being mis-aligned with the poll cycles of items, the Threshold Evaluation may occur anywhere from the same time, to 299.999 seconds after the polled data point being evaluated is added to the database.

As a result of this delay, it may appear that Notifications are received in a delayed time frame after the Event is raised.


This is functioning as designed. There is no way to determine when poll cycles are taking place (these are also spread out among devices and items, not all taking place at the same time) to try and start the DA closer to the poll cycle time stamps.

Any change to this behavior would be considered an Enhancement Request.