[VMTP] Root directory is filling up on the VMTP
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[VMTP] Root directory is filling up on the VMTP


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CA Application Delivery Analysis MTP (NetQoS / ADA)


My Virtual Multi-Port Monitor shows it's root directory as being full or close to full.




This issue is caused by one of two things, depending on the filesystem structure on the server.

1) The VMTP has TIM installed for the APM integration. TIM saves data files on the root directory. If CEM is not pulling these files off the server fast enough, you can end up with a full disk condition.
2) The VMTP may have verbose logging on and the NetQoS logs may be so large that they are filling up the disk.


1) It is possible that too much data may be being monitored by TIM. Depending on the type of data being collected for TIM/APM and the throughput, it may be choking the system.

2) If the logging is the cause, and you see very large NetQoS logs (/opt/NetQoS/logs), contact support to remedy the issue. This issue may require a patch.