Preserve customizations prior to Upgrading Spectrum - custom, Alarm Notifier, server.xml
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Preserve customizations prior to Upgrading Spectrum - custom, Alarm Notifier, server.xml


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


We have some customizations done in OneClick for our Spectrum environment. Some customizations include custom alarm and view tables in OneClick, populating custom attribute values. Other customizations are for Event and Alarms. After upgrading, we no longer see many of our customizations. How to preserve these prior to the upgrade?


Release : Any Spectrum version

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Customization are retained in the <SPECROOT>/custom directory. Prior to any upgrades, this folder should be backed up. 

However if any of the Out of Box files are edited, whether this means Event files in <SPECROOT>/SS/CsVendor directory, or any XML customizations in <SPECROOT>/tomcat directory, these will be overwritten when an upgrade is performed. The upgrade will overwrite with the out-of-box files. 

The <SPECROOT>/custom directory is not overwritten, but still recommended to take a backup of this folder prior to upgrades. 


1. Any customizations done in OneClick should have the customized files retained in the <SPECROOT/custom directory. 

2. Be sure to copy the original files, retain the original it its OOB location ,and only edit the copied files and keep in the <SPECROOT>/custom directory. 

3. If you do not have a backup of <SPECROOT>/custom directory or a backup of the edited OOB files, then you may need to revert the upgrade to get back the edited files, or re-do the customizations being sure to make copies of the original and retain them in <SPECROOT>custom directory. Similarly if you have multiple servers, you may be able to obtain the edited files from another server. 


OTHER customizations 

A few other considerations on backing up configurations: 

1. If you are using Alarm Notifier, be sure to back up your Alarm Notifier directory (scripts, config files, logs, etc). Default location is <SPECROOT>/Notifier

2. If you have downloaded vender MIBs in the past, you can also make a backup of any of these which may be in <SPECROOT>/MibDatabase/UserContrib directory. 

3. If you are using Syslog messaging, you can backup the following: 

Cisco Router
Catalyst Switch
Cisco PIX

Note: Spectrum 21.2 and up should preserve these files in <SPECROOT>/custom, but is recommended to make a backup

4. If you are using SSL secure sockets layer configured, you can make a backup of server.xml files



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