Copy of Clarity reports from Production to lower environments
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Copy of Clarity reports from Production to lower environments


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This article describes how to copy Jasper reports from one environment to another


1. Login to Clarity.
2. Navigate to Advanced Reporting. Make sure that you have the Advanced Reporting - Administer Rights.
3. Navigate to View -> Repository.

4. Right click on the folder that has the custom reports and click on Export.

5. You will be asked for the file name. Specify the file name and click on Export.

6. Save the File on your local machine.
7. On the Destination environment, Navigate to Advanced Reporting -> Manage -> Organizations.

8. Right click on the organization and click on import.
9. You will be prompted to browse the file from which you want to import. This is the file from source environment.

10. After adding the file click on import

Additional Information

Guidelines on the best practices

1. If the folder you are trying to export contains lot of content resources i.e. Report exports in a file format, please refrain from exporting the whole folder until and unless you delete the exports. This will reduce the size of the export and doesn't cause a performance bottleneck.

2. You can export import individual reports as well.

3. If the folder is already present in destination server, then the contents are updated with the ones from source environment. If the folder doesn't exist it's created during import.