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vAPP Email SMTP Address not Resolving to Correct Address: How to change hosts file; alias configureCustomHostRecords


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We are trying to enable emails on our IDM production environment. We changed the file and enabled emails from management console as well. We can see that it's trying to send the email but it fails with connection refused.

We noticed the local hostfile on the vAPP server has an entry for the smtp address pointing to the local vapp hostname which is why we think this might be happening. But we can't edit the file because it's owned by root. How can we edit it, or is there is someplace we need to change this?




In vAPP there is no write permission on /etc/hosts file. Instead, use the alias configureCustomHostRecords to set the correct server/IP of the SMTP server.

First, vi /opt/CA/VirtualAppliance/custom/hosts

Add your new smtp server entry, for example, test.smtp.server

Save the file.

Run configureCustomHostRecords.

The dialog should look similar to this:

[email protected] VAPP-14.3.0 ( > vi /opt/CA/VirtualAppliance/custom/hosts

--->create your custom hosts entry here and save the file<--

[email protected] VAPP-14.3.0 ( > configureCustomHostRecords

[INFO] Successfully injected the contents of /opt/CA/VirtualAppliance/custom/hosts to the /etc/hosts file

[email protected] VAPP-14.3.0 ( > cat /etc/hosts   localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4
::1         localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6
# CA VAPP - START caim-srv-01 caip-srv-01 caig-srv-01 ca-prov-srv-01 ca-conn-srv-01 userstore-01 database_srv caig-srv caim-srv userstore ca-prov-srv-primary ca-prov-srv
# CA VAPP CUSTOM HOSTS - START test.smtp.server
[email protected] VAPP-14.3.0 ( >