Multiple Orgs support for same Directory Server
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Multiple Orgs support for same Directory Server


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We are using CA Directory and are defining OUs for each line of business.  The goal is to define an organization for each OU (LOB) to define specific authenticator and risk policies based on different business needs.  I was made aware there is a product limitation to support this model.  

Is this accurate?





Release : 9.1

Component : AuthMinder(Arcot WebFort)


Currently the product only support one LDAP/AD server with one organization only and multiple organizations can not have the same LDAP/AD server, it will throw an error saying that this configuration already exists.


Basically the limitation is on being able to create multiple AA Organizations based on the same Directory Server - it actually lets you create only one AA Org per a combination of a Directory Server’s Hostname and a Port Number. The possibility of a second AA organization that is mentioned below, is kind of a work around to use the same Directory Server’s IP Address instead of Hostname and the Port Number. Hope that helps.

 Having multiple DNS entries / hostnames pointing at the same IP or CNAME is the possible route to take.