Vantage or CA1 (COPYCAT) gets S613 on TAPE in VTS TS7700
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Vantage or CA1 (COPYCAT) gets S613 on TAPE in VTS TS7700


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager CA 1 Flexible Storage TLMS Tape Management


Either Vantage or CA1 (Copycat) is receiving a S613 abend: 

Vantage task:

IEC147I 613-1C,IFG0194K,VANTAGE,VANTAGE,SYS06235,0806,315571,SFTEC1.VANT.BVIR.DATA                                        

IEF234E K 090B,314555,PVT,VANTAGE,VANTAGE                              
CBR4195I LACS retry possible for job VANTAGE: 754                      
IEE763I NAME= CBRLLACS CODE= 140394                                    
CBR4000I LACS WAIT permanent error for drive 0909.                     
CBR4171I Mount failed. LVOL=314555, LIB=TS7700C, PVOL=??????, RSN=45.  
IEE764I END OF CBR4195I   RELATED MESSAGES                             
87 CBR4196D Job VANTAGE, drive 0909, volser 314555, error code 140394. 
Reply 'R' to retry or 'C' to cancel.                                    

This occurs every few minutes.  REPLY of C to this WTOR results in same message. REPLY R results in

IEE600I REPLY TO 87 IS;R                                            
CBR4195I LACS retry possible for job VANTAGE: 796                   
IEE763I NAME= CBRLLACS CODE= 140394                                 
CBR4000I LACS WAIT permanent error for drive 0909.                  
CBR4171I Mount failed. LVOL=314555, LIB=TS7700C, PVOL=??????, RSN=45.

CA1 (Copycat):

 CBR4195I LACS retry possible for job AMNTAA03:                           
 IEE763I NAME= CBRLLACS CODE= 140394                                         
 CBR4000I LACS WAIT permanent error for drive 052D.                          
 CBR4171I Mount failed. LVOL=DG6917, LIB=ATL6GRID, PVOL=??????, RSN=45.      
 IEE764I END OF CBR4195I   RELATED MESSAGES                                  
*9225 CBR4196D Job AMNTAA03, drive 052D, volser DG6917, error code 140394. Reply 'R' to retry or 'C' to cancel.
 R 9225,C                                                                    
 IEC147I 613-1C,IFG0194K,AMNTAA03,STEP010,CI100001,052D,DG6917,       




Release : 14.0

Component : CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager


The Management Class (MC) that is being used for the BVIR data is incorrectly using 'dual copy' when it should be using 'single copy'.  Also, it could be the result when DFSMS ACS routines are assigning the incorrect MC for the data that is being processed.  


From IBM TS770 message guide:


X'45' Failed - Category Empty

The requested function failed because it requested a volume using the category parameter from a category which contained no available volumes compatible with the type of device the Perform Library Function order was issued to at the time the function was attempted. The function requires a volume in order to complete normally.

A newer version of the IBM manual (TS7700 5.2.2) shows the following description for Completion Code x'45': 

X'45' --  BVIR Failure Due to a MC With More Than One Copy Consistency Point Defined


"With the help of IBM support, it was determined that a management class that suppresses the copy function to another cluster be assigned. This has been done on the environment that we were seeing the error, and has resolved the issue."


For Vantage: 

This may also occur if the wrong MGMTCLAS is specified with VKGPARM VTSMCNAM.

For details on VTSMCNAM see "VKGPARMS Parameter Descriptions S to Z (Inclusive)"
For IBM documentation regarding BVIR setup see "IBM® TS7700 Series Bulk Volume Information Retrieval Function User's Guide Version 5.0"


For CA1: 

1. Go to the currently defined MC assigned to the volume in the TS7700 GUI and change the MC’s copy mode to a single copy mode and set “retain copy modes = FALSE”.

2. Create a new MC in the TS7700 GUI with a single copy mode, set “retain copy modes = FALSE” and use LMPOLICY in z/OS to change the volume’s MC from the old one to the new one.

After this, mount the volume.  In both cases, the goal is to have the TS7700 use an MC with a single copy mode - either an updated MC or a new MC.  For future BVIR jobs, you should use an MC in the JCL or ACL routine that has a single copy mode.  For example, MCBVIRC0 which would have a consistency point only for Cluster0.

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