Obtaining hash file or SHA keys for iso or RU patches
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Obtaining hash file or SHA keys for iso or RU patches


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When clients are on a secure classified platform and before installing the packages, client may need to validate and verify the integrity of files.

For the validation, they would need to generate hashes or SHA keys for the ISOs or RU patches.

This article describes how to retrieve hashes/SHA keys for ISOs and patches.


Service Management 17.x or higher


Hashes/SHA keys can be obtained by running the below command in Windows Powershell:

Get-FileHash C:\path\to\file.iso -Algorithm SHA512

For example, to get the hash value for patch SO11469:

> Get-FileHash SO11469.caz -Algorithm SHA512

Algorithm       Hash                                                                     Path
---------       ----                                                                     ----
SHA512          A69E311A14DF79251B17DCF8180D079A22123C8DA442806A6A80D9B7A701633BE5F...   C:\Users\Administrator\downlo...

To get the SHA256 key:

> Get-FileHash SO11469.caz -Algorithm SHA256

Algorithm       Hash                                                                  Path
---------       ----                                                                  ----
SHA256          07F527970E1ADBDAE32F9DF762E068A499288BCF9632DF4F8247581DAC2F0FCF       C:\Users\Administrator\downlo...

The same steps as above are applicable for ISOs as well.

Additional Information

For something more readable, use the " | Format-List" argument.  For example:

Get-FileHash 99111012.CAZ -Algorithm SHA512 | Format-List

Get-FileHash 99111012.CAZ -Algorithm SHA256 | Format-List