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Unable to get Broadcom Support Online Certificate, "authentication required"


Article ID: 145598


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Gen Gen - Workstation Toolset


Follow these steps: 
1-Register on Broadcom Support.
2-Go to the Broadcom Support Online Certificate site.
   A certificate dialog opens.
3-Log in with the email and password that you registered with Broadcom Support.
4-Select Save to download your certificate.
   Your User Certificate resides on your workstation.
5-Click OK to close the dialog.
6-Note the location of the file on your workstation where the certificate was downloaded.

Error comes on step 3 after specifying user and password "authentication required"


-First of all, logout from our portal

-Clear the cache as browser may have stored the error
-Enter userID and password (not copy & paste) using Broadcom support online user name and password
-Try with another internet browser or from a different machine