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ASM not sending alerts after monitor fails with errors


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CA App Synthetic Monitor DX Application Performance Management


ASM monitor has been configured with OPMS monitoring.
ASM monitor fails multiple times with errors. We can see in the logs that the tests are failing, nevertheless, alerts have not been triggered.
There are four OPMS monitoring stations in this environment.


Release : SAAS



The fix for this issue is to be released with release ASM 10.4.

If your environment has two or more OPMS monioring stations, then you can use the following workaround.

You can change the location of the monitoring station, so that each OPMS has a different location. 

As an example, you can have London1, London2, that will make different locations, or you can put something that is best for you to work with.

To change the location, you can do it in the ASM UI, Go to On-Premise > Stations.
Click on the Location value for each station and make an edit.

Once location is updated, then go through the Location setting of every monitor, and add the new location there.

ASM allows to update the checkpoint selection for multiple monitors at once.