How to Import LDIF group information with Identity Governance Client Tools.
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How to Import LDIF group information with Identity Governance Client Tools.


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How can we use the Identity Governance Client Tools to import the groups and link the uniqueMember to the personID?

The LDIF file has the following group information:

dn: cn=mytestgroup1,ou=groups,ou=im,ou=ca,o=com
objectClass: groupOfUniqueNames
objectClass: top
cn: mytestgroup1
o: 0
uniqueMember: uid=testuser1,ou=people,ou=im,ou=ca,o=com
uniqueMember: uid=testuser3,ou=people,ou=im,ou=ca,o=com
uniqueMember: uid=testuser4,ou=people,ou=im,ou=ca,o=com
uniqueMember: uid=testuser2,ou=people,ou=im,ou=ca,o=com
uniqueMember: uid=testuser5,ou=people,ou=im,ou=ca,o=com


Release : 14.1

Component : GovernanceMinder(Role & Compliance Manager)


In the Client Tools select the Import menu and select the option "Import form LDIF File"
  • Provide the location of the LDIF file
  • Provide your target Configuration, User DB, and Resources DB files
Click the "Edit Mapping" button and set the following parameters below:
Entity Type = Role
Object Class = groupOfUniqueNames
Rolename = CN
Description: description
Entity Type = User
Object Class = groupOfUniqueNames
Person ID = uniqueMember
Linking by Attribute:
Source Object = Role [groupOfUniqueNames]
Destination Object = [groupOfUniqueNames]
Source Attribute = uniqueMember
Destination Field = Person ID
After setting the parameters, save the Mapping file and click the Start button:
You may need to close and reopen your configuration to see the imported information.



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