How to get all S3 stored files of a given project
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How to get all S3 stored files of a given project


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For archiving and other purposes, it may be necessary, especially in a Private Cloud environment, to get a list of all files that are stored on S3 compatible storage for a given project.
What APIs need to be executed to get this list?


Blazemeter SaaS


Project files are used in tests, multi tests, and reports/masters. Let's start with tests.
1) In order to get all tests of a project run this API:

https://<Blazemeter URL>/api/v4/tests?limit=99999&projectId=<projectID> will give you a list of all (single) tests within that project. 

2) Then, for each test, you can get the files using:
https://<Blazemeter URL>/api/v4/tests/<testID>/files

3) Similarly, run following APIs for multi tests:

https://<Blazemeter URL>/api/v4/multi-tests?limit=99999&projectId=<projectID> will give you a list of all multi tests within that project. 
https://<Blazemeter URL>/api/v4/multi-tests/<multitestID>/files

4) and for masters:
https://<Blazemeter URL>/api/v4/master?limit=99999&projectId=<projectID> will give you a list of all masters within that project. 
https://<Blazemeter URL>/api/v4/masters/<masterID>/files

5) Substitute for a Private Cloud environment the <Blazemeter URL> with your own Blazemeter URL. For public Blazemeter it is

Additional Information

There may be other files used in that project if shared folders are being used. However shared folders can be used in all projects of the workspace, so they are not limited to that particular project only.