High CPU usage when browsing tables in RC/Query
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High CPU usage when browsing tables in RC/Query


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Noticed a very high CPU usage when browsing 'larger' tables in RC/Query.
In Detector it shows that RCUUPLAN and the package RUAEDBF2 are the causer.


Release : 20.0

Component : CA RC/Query for DB2 for z/OS


All the Edit/Browse requests from RC/Query goes to RC/Edit.

Check if the following options are set.

Asynchronous background fetch options
Enable background fetching ==> Y Y or N
Run in CONTINUOUS or PAUSE mode ==> C C - Continuous mode
P - Pause mode

These option can be found under the RC/Edit Profile Variables.
Since it is a large table and with the above option set,
RC/QUERY tries to get all the records in the background this would cause a spike in CPU usage.

Set the PAUSE option to see if this resolves the High CPU.