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The 'x' clear button in Project Name and Project ID text box is missing in CA PPM release 15.1


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All edit fields displayed in Internet Explorer 11 have an 'x' to allow the user the clear the entered data.  

Other browser such as Chrome does not have this feature.

The 'x' is seen in CA PPM release 14.2, but is no longer seen in release 14.3 and higher. 

Sample Project Name display from IE 11 using CA PPM 14.2 and 14.3:


<Please see attached file for image>


Why is the 'x' (clear button) missing in the Project Name and Project ID field after upgrading from CA PPM release 14.2?



CA PPM release 14.3 and above


The 'x' has been removed from CA PPM release 14.3 and higher, so that the edit fields look consistent between Internet Explorer and other browsers.  (Reference: CLRT-80047) 

Workaround: Highlight the data and hit Delete.