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How can I determine what value to use for pendingActionType?


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CA Service Catalog


We have a method "assignPendingAction" which is producing an error. 

Request Body :

<assignPendingAction xmlns="urn:usmRequestService">

Response :
Exception occurred in assingPendingAction: Exception=Invalid combination of pending action type and request item status.


Review the description of pendingActionType.  It may need to be set to 1 instead of 2.


Release : 17.2



Use the following steps to review the description of pendingActionType and determine which value to use:

1. Login to Service Catalog as spadmin user.
2. Click on the Administration tab.
3. Click on Tools.
4. In the panel on the left, click on Links.
5. In the panel on the right, click on Web Service API.
6. In the panel on the left, click on Request Web Service.
7. Use web browser page search to search for UpdateRequestItemStatus
8. Click on the named link, updateRequestItemStatus
9. Review the information and apply it appropriately.

The information shown is step #2 in a environment is as follows:

updateRequestItemStatus Method

Updates the status of request item/service.
updateRequestItemStatus(String sessionIDint pendingActionTypeint requestItemIDint status)
Required Parameters
sessionID Security handle for calling webservices.[mandatory parameter]
pendingActionType 1 = Service, 2= Service Option. If the Discrete Request is not allowed at the given status, then updating the status in the Service Option level is not allowed.
requestItemID Request Item ID/Subscription Detail Id[mandatory parameter]
status New status of this request service or service option.[mandatory parameter]. If current request service status lies in Submitted range(200-399), new status must lie in the Submitted range(200-399) or Approval range(400-999). If current request service status lies in Approval range(400-999), new status must lie in the Approval range(400-999)or Hold range(3000-3999) or resume (4000) or Fulfillment range(1000-1999). If current request service status lies in Fulfillment range(1000-1999), new status must be Fulfilled(2000) or lie in the Fulfillment range(1000-1999)or Hold range(3000-3999) or resume(4000).
Return Value

Additional Information