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Download Integration Components for Service Desk - Spectrum integration


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When integrating Spectrum and Service Desk, the Spectrum Guides make reference to downloading "Integration Components" which contains an executable "oc_components.exe" which gets ran on the Service Desk server. This creates some links from Service Desk back to the OneClick server. 


The Spectrum Guides mention grabbing the preferred OS-dependent version of the Integration Components. In other words, you need the Windows version of oc_components.exe to run on a Windows Service Desk machine. 

What to do if the OS of Spectrum OneClick and Service Desk are different? How to obtain the proper OS-relevant version of Integration Components? 


In some instances of a Spectrum and Service Desk integration, the OS of one may be different than the other. Therefore you'll want to be able to download the proper OS-related Integration Components. 


Release : SPECTRUM 10.4



The Spectrum Guides mention to visit to obtain the proper Integration Components. However this may be difficult to locate without knowing exactly which version the files are stored under on the support site. 

Therefore, both the Windows and Linux versions of Integration Components has been attached to this KB for your convenience. 

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